Thursday, May 25, 2006

Anchors Away...

I'm angry. Yet another glass ceiling resealed. Tonight on the ABC World News broadcast, Elizabeth Vargas closed with this note
Before we leave tonight, a note about change. There's been a lot of it on this broadcast. From Peter Jennings' announcement that he had lung cancer, to his death, to the decision to name Bob Woodruff and me as the new anchors.

Bob's injury in Iraq forced us — yet again — to change the way we planned to cover the news and now, another new chapter will begin. As of Monday, Charles Gibson will be taking the helm of this broadcast as I focus on anchoring "20/20" and the arrival of my new child.

I have been a big fan of Elizabeth Vargas and was pleased when she was selected to co-anchor the news after filling in following the death of Peter Jennings. But now we find out she's been "replaced" and in essence demoted to just anchoring "20/20". It's my belief that this is not solely her choice and is in part due to the impending birth of her child. Sad again that a woman who has reached the pinnical of her career has it derailed when maternity leave hoovers.

Sad too now that Katie Couric will be taking over the CBS news. Now I think Katie was great on the Today Show where perkiness is required. But I can't warm up to her anchoring the evening news. It's said that CBS news is going for the younger demographics - which I am definitely not a part of - but maybe they don't realize that these kids are getting their news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I have to say to Katie, "You go girl!". We've lost a talented newswoman from an important anchor position so we better support the other new girl on the block.


Abel PharmBoy said...

I claim no inside info, but my bet is that Charlie Gibson was the single choice all along for reasons that had nothing to do with gender. Where I am sorely diappointed is that ABC didn't stay with Ms Vargas as the sole anchor following the Iraq injuries of her planned partner. Had Vargas been with her hubby Marc Cohn when he was shot in Denver, you can bet that Bob would've been selected as sole anchor.

ABC wilted and lost a great opportunity, Charlie's own skills notwithstanding.

SciMom said...

I am a huge fan of Charlie Gibson but I've been waiting for a warm but no-nonsense woman to give us the evening news. I was also surprised that Ms. Vargas wasn't given the sole anchorship follwoing Bob Woodruff's injuries and maybe in my initial starry-eyed glee I didn't see the writing on the wall. Bummer.