Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ring, ring.....Corporate calling

Hello? Is this SciMom?

Yes it is. May I ask whose calling?

Yes this is Biotech. You probably think of me as "corporate science". How are you?

I'm not so well. In fact, I'm struggling in a part time academic position, working my a#* off trying to keep my research alive. I have an inattentive Chairman, a department which only sees me as an appendage of SciDad, and minimal chances to obtain funding because of my part time status and lack of people in the lab, not to mention the dismal government funding situation. I am finding it hard these days to be self-motivated - I've never before had motivation problems. I'm heading to a conference in Europe next week to give a talk and I wonder why the heck I'm going? Oh, was that too much information?

No not at all. You see someone told us you might be interested in a different challenge. One that would value your years of expertise in oncogenetics.

OH! Who are you?

We're "RSBC" (really stable biotech company).

Yes I've been using your technologies for years and along with SciDad, have helped your new technologies move into a broader scientific marketplace.

Well, we're looking for someone with your background and expertise. And we're excited that someone with your years of experience might be able to come onboard. You know our plan is to move more into diagnostics in the next several years while still staying strong in academic research. Does that interest you?

It does. Let's chat some more. Uh huh, yes. What about travel? I see. Salary, well that would work. Stock options, 401. How are the goals defined? Well that's a little different than I'm used to but the role is also different. I can't relocate.

You wouldn't have to! So what do you think?

I think I actually might be interested. It's scary to think about walking away from a traditional research job because I love that aspect of my life a great deal. But gee, salary stability, job stability (assuming I perform well), growth within a company, a place that VALUES me?!?! What do I do next?

Just go online and send us your resume. There are other applicants.

Yes I imagine there are.

But let's move forward and see where it takes us.

OK, I'll do that this evening. Thanks for calling.

No, thank you. I'll be in touch.


Wow, working somewhere where my knowledge and experience might be valued. What an attractive concept........


Carri said...

Well, SciMom, I wasn't in EXACTLY your position, but I was in a research faculty position with diminishing funding and a severe lack of respect from my colleagues. And I took the leap to industry 6 years ago and have only had very minor regrets since. And those have to do with the luxury of a truely flex schedule and the luxury of reviewing journal articles. But it was a GREAT move for me!

Nicole said...

Go for it!!

working said...

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

It's not like you can't go back! I thought I would never want to leave academia but sometimes the pressures of funding really force you to choose financial stability and support for a time.

Anonymous said...

well, Congratulations! I am same like in your position (2 young kids and their scidad) I am waiting for such call right now. I am completely bored with academic snobbish. I hope to use my intelligence somewhere else and earn some money too! :)